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Meet Dr Muireadhach O’Cinnéide

Being a chiropractor is an honour and a privilege. To be a part of the healing and recovery process is amazing.

Finding a New Passion in Life

Initially visiting the chiropractor for low back pain, Dr Muireadhach was surprised when, on his second visit, the chiropractor asked him, “Do you get headaches?”. He’d seen instant results for his back pain but was skeptical it could help with the headaches he’d had for 20 years.

Previously, Dr Muireadhach had seen doctors, specialists and a neurosurgeon about the pain in his head, but they all told him it was stress and proceeded to prescribe tablets. Never a fan of covering up symptoms, his headaches went away within weeks thanks to chiropractic. “I want to do the same thing for as many people as I can.”

He decided to leave his career in commercial interiors and attended the McTimoney College of Chiropractic in Oxford, UK. Graduating with honours, he loves seeing the difference chiropractic can make in his patients’ lives.

Spending Quality Time As a Family

Outside of the practice, Dr Muireadhach and his wife Emma have two boys. They live close to the beach and enjoy taking walks there and in nearby parks. Their family spends a lot of time swimming, playing football or the odd day out in a classic car.

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