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Health Within Chiropractic Testimonials

Hopefully, I’ll be on the Road to Recovery

The receptionists were extremely professional and friendly. Put my mind at ease before the consultation. The consultation itself couldn’t have gone better, a lot of questions were answered and the explanations were delivered in depth. Looking forward to my next appointment and hopefully, I’ll be on the road to recovery!
- Amber M.

Very Helpful and Friendly

Very informative on how the body works and Mo explained the treatment and how it all links together and how the body reacts to it. I would recommend the practice to others. All staff very helpful and friendly.
- Nicola R.

So Helpful and Professional

I was met by professional, friendly reception and my appointment was not rushed. I would definitely recommend. They are so helpful and professional.
Patricia D.

Thank You So Much

When I first went to see Dr Muireadhach I was in a lot of pain and I felt like I was a 100 yrs old. I found sitting painful and also walking , I struggled holding my granddaughter for periods of time Now I am feeling like new woman from the moment you walk in and see Dr muireadhach friendly face to the treatment you receive, I walk out of there feeling great. I have just returned from a trip to Italy which involved a lot of walking and I still feel great I had no problem or major issues with my hip and back. Thank you so much. I would highly recommend this practice from Lana the receptionist to Dr Muireadhach both really nice people and very helpful. And it works
Mandi S.

Very Happy

Very happy with results so far …looking forward to not living withpain….. Just living
Alan C.

Generalized Pain

For many years I had been suffering from pain in my back, shoulders, neck, head and face. I tried many treatments, nothing worked. Then I heard about Health Within Chiropractic. I kept putting off going, then I decided to go.

The warm friendly atmosphere I met with put me at ease. In less than a week the pain had gone from my back. The relief I got in my shoulder and neck was wonderful.

I thought I would never be pain free again. But after starting chiropractic care, years of pain had gone. Now I can do all the things I used to do. My only regret is not going sooner, as I feel a lot stronger now.

Thanks to the wonders of Chiropractic!

A. L.


When I visited Health Within Chiropractic for the first time, I wasn’t long in this world. In fact I was only four (4) weeks old so you can imagine, I was very hesitant. I was born prematurely and for the first four weeks of my life I cried a lot. In fact, I cried about sixteen (16) hours per day. My Mom and Dad and older sister were all a mess because they weren’t getting any sleep. I was suffering almost constantly with colic. I had gone to my GP and got drugs but they didn’t help; in fact, they caused me to vomit quite hard. Though everyone in the house was at the end of their tether, only I knew just how much I was suffering. To put it mildly, I wasn’t happy with my new life.

My Mom’s friend told her she should bring me to the chiropractor. She said that maybe they could help. Mom wasn’t really certain what chiropractors do and she was a bit nervous about bringing me in. But things were so bad she figured ,”What do we have to lose?”

On my very first visit, the doctor took me in his arms and started to feel my back. He told my mother that there was some irritation in the nerves coming from my spine and that this irritation could cause colic in babies just like it causes irritable bowel in adults. He said he thought he could help me to feel better. He also answered my mother’s questions and eased her fears. He told her about a study done in Denmark that proved that chiropractic care was much better for colic than drugs. And there weren’t the side effects.

The doctor adjusted me and I was asleep before we left the office. My mother was in shock. But what really surprised and pleased her was that I slept for the next four days. The colic symptoms started to come back but were gone again after my next visit to the chiropractor. After four visits, I’m going a week without symptoms and the doctor is sure I’ll get even better shortly. Mom says she doesn’t care how often we have to go in because I’m feeling so much better and the whole family is getting proper sleep. And I don’t have to take drugs.

My Mom asked the doctor why parents aren’t being told about chiropractic for their children and he invited her to tell my story. My whole family says thank you to our chiropractor.

Luke, as told by his Mom

Carpal Tunnel / Circulation

A few weeks ago, while waiting to see the doctor, I was reading the monthly newsletter. I came across an article on carpal tunnel syndrome. The more I read, the more annoyed I became. It described symptoms I have suffered from for more than thirty years; numb fingers, pins and needles in hands and fingers, terrible pains in my hands up to the elbows. The only relief I would get was when I would get up and walk around the house until the normal feeling came back. I had been taking circulation tablets several times per week all those years.

I’d never mentioned it to the doctor when I first started my chiropractic care and I never thought he could do anything for me in that regard. So when my turn came to see him, the first thing I said was that those symptoms describe mine exactly.

The doctor examined areas of my body that could be related to the symptoms I was describing and determined where my problem was. And so started my first session to alleviate the problem.

Going home after that appointment, my hands tingled and felt warm. Every appointment after that was a bigger improvement in my circulation. The numbness has gone from my fingers and I have no pains in my hands or arms; just the odd occasional tingling.

A real bonus came after my last April appointment. I felt a great warmth coming from my body which has continued. I have always been cold and have had to keep the heat on all the time. The other night at about 10, my husband got home and I was sitting there with no jumper and no heat on. In fact, it was he who was cold, not me. Now that’s a change.

The improvement in my circulation is really amazing. I have stopped taking the circulation tablets and also headache tablets which, like the circulation tablets, I was taking several days per week.

I am continuing with my care and will do so as a maintenance patient. I want to say thank you, doctor.


General Malaise

Coming up to last Christmas, I began feeling unwell. Because I work in a retail store, I put it down to pressure at work. Then one day I began to feel dizzy and a tingling feeling ran down the left side of my body. I went to my G.P. who was very concerned and sent me to the hospital for tests and an M.R.I. Everything came back clear but I was still feeling poorly and worried. The left hand side of my body was weaker than the right side.

Then one night, I was watching Pat Kenny on the television. His wife had been unwell. He described her symptoms and they were exactly like mine. She too had done all the tests. Everything was clear for her just like me. Then someone told them of a chiropractor. She went and the chiropractor took one look at her and was able to tell her what was wrong. It was all to do with her spine and the nerves. After a course of treatment, she became well again.

Without another word, I rang and made an appointment at Health Within Chiropractic. Straight away I was told that I had problems with my nerves resulting in what I was feeling. I began treatment and my body began to feel right again. My head cleared, the tingling left, and my muscles loosened lifting all the tension I was carrying.

Now I feel well again, thanks to my chiropractor. People tell me how well I look compared to last Christmas. And I still attend regularly for check ups.


Traffic Accidents

Over four years ago I was involved in a car accident. Although this was not a particularly bad accident and I only suffered minor injuries to my neck and upper spine, I seemed to have developed continuous pain in my shoulders and legs that just wouldn’t go away. I tried conventional medicine, taking painkillers but the pain just didn’t seem to be going away. I have always been a very active person, very keen on keeping fit, so the fact that my aches and pains were preventing me from playing golf I knew I had to act to prevent this problem from getting worse.

It was at this stage that a friend suggested seeing a chiropractor. I must admit I was a little skeptical at first not knowing much about what to expect but I decided I had nothing to lose. My initial consultation consisted of a complete case history of my complaint followed by a thorough examination of my spine as well as the areas that were hurting since my accident.

The chiropractor explained how my nervous system controlled everything in my body and that if there were problems with my spine this would interfere with my nervous system which in turn would restrict my body’s ability to function at its optimal level.

My chiropractor discussed with me that by removing the interference from my nervous system using specific and gentle ‘adjustments’ I could expect my symptoms to subside and also I should notice a general improvement in my overall health.

Not only did my aches and pains clear up, but I also noticed that my sinuses were a lot clearer and I haven’t suffered from a cold for the last 4 years! I put this down to my regular chiropractic maintenance treatments once a month which seem to keep me on top of my game!

Some people think I’m crazy attending my chiropractor when I’m feeling well, however I feel that prevention is better than cure!

M. Mc D.

Sinuses / Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I first heard about Health Within Chiropractic from an advertisement in the newspaper. My primary complaint was my sinuses which I had suffered from for ten years. But I also suffered from headaches two to three times per week, neck pain for about ten years, low back pain for three years, and irritable bowel syndrome for six years.

I suffered from the sinuses year round. I would go to my GP and he would give me antibiotics. That would knock it out for about four weeks and then it would be back. A CT scan was done on my sinuses and I was told they were “blocked up”. Later, I tried acupuncture but that didn’t work either.

My low back started bothering me after just a walk. My GP sent me for an x-ray of my low back and I was told I had wear and tear in my spine. I was unable to exercise even just walk, I had gained weight, and over all I felt pretty bad.

I hadn’t heard a lot about chiropractic so I just decided to try it. On my first visit, I was asked about what was bothering me and had an examination. Then an sEMG scan was done. The next day I came back to find out what was wrong with me. The relationship of the spine to the nervous system and the nervous system to the brain was explained and how when the nervous system was in alert the brain would tell the body to act as if it was under stress. I was also told that it was unusual for the body to have so many different problems each with a different cause and that there was a good chance it was all from my nervous system being under stress.

I started to notice some changes and stuck with my care. After about six weeks, I was able to say I felt good. There were other changes also. I had more energy and felt better all around. I was also able to start walking and have started losing weight.

My results have been great, and though I didn’t know much about chiropractic before I came in, I now know how important my care is for me to feel well and I will continue receiving my chiropractic care.

E. D.

Fatigue and Pain

Eight years ago, I suffered a knee, back and neck injury. For seven years, I attended numerous consultants. All treatments failed. Pain and fatigue became something I had to expect and live with. I had no choice but to leave my job and find easier employment. The doctors told me I would not work after I was forty. My lifestyle totally changed – socially and domestically. I was prescribed medication for pain management but that only created numerous other problems.

One day a friend told me about Health Within Chiropractic and suggested I go see them. At the very least, I thought, I could hear a different opinion. I went for a consultation against the wishes of the medical team which had failed me for seven years. After everything was explained to me, I began care and from an early stage there was a definite improvement. My care began on an intensive basis and was reduced over time. One year on, I have regular check-ups; with those and a little personal care not to overdo things my pain and fatigue are no longer a part of my life. I now lead a normal life once again.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff and doctors at Health Within Chiropractic for their marvellous work and genuine interest in patient’s well-being.

J L.


JP is three and a half years old. His mother brought him in to our offices because she didn’t know what else she could do. It seems that since he started walking JP has had difficulty with balance and often fell down. JP’s mum had taken him to different specialists who assured her that JP would grow out of it. After two and a half years, it became obvious to her that JP wasn’t growing out of anything but his trousers.

When JP came into the office he appeared to be terribly shy because he held his head to one side. His mum discussed her concerns over his falling. It was explained to her that if the brain was not communicating with the body properly then it could not coordinate the muscles as they were meant to be.

After two visits, JP came in and was acting a lot less shy. He was playing with some of the toys we have here and showed me a secret compartment on the truck I didn’t know about. He was also holding his head up, looking at me when he came into the room and I figured he was happy coming in. His mum reported that he was doing better and was not holding his head to the side nearly as much. I didn’t understand and asked what she meant. It turns out that what appeared to be shyness on JP’s part was in fact another problem his mother assumed I was aware of. I asked about his falling down and she said that was much better.

JP has been in four times now and is holding his head up high. He’s running down the hall and when he gets to the corner that he couldn’t get around and would fall or run into the wall, he maneuvers it with ease. I wonder what other unknown problems for JP’s body were waiting to occur due to abnormal nerve patterns. Perhaps asthma, ear infections, digestive problems, or others were on their way to occurring.

It’s a real treat for chiropractors to work on children. They haven’t spent years creating deep seated abnormal nerve patterns and they respond so quickly to care. Changes it can take years to see in an adult can come about in weeks in a child. It’s also wonderful to know we are having such a positive effect on someone’s health for such a long time to come.

If you’re worried about your child’s coordination, or s/he gets sick a little more often than the other kids, or you just want him/her to have a check up, bring them in. We have very gentle methods of adjusting the child’s spine and they enjoy the results.

Three Generations

Chiropractic has had positive affects on three generations of my family. Originally I was the first to visit Health Within Chiropractic at the age of 17, when I fell and injured myself. At the time I was in agony but thankfully a friend referred me to Health within Chiropractic. I didn’t know what to do, but as my only other option was a body cast for 6 weeks I thought it was worth a shot.

Looking back on it now, I am so glad I did. Not only did I gain relief from pain at that stage, but since that time I have continued my chiropractic care and I feel great. I work in an office job and with the constant stress of my job and continued computer work; chiropractic helps ease the tension from my body. I see many of my colleagues suffering unnecessarily.

Shortly after I began to visit Health Within Chiropractic, my mother saw the huge benefits I was gaining and she also became a chiropractic patient. At that time she suffered continuously with headaches and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I didn’t realise that chiropractic care could help these conditions, but my chiropractor explained that nerve irritation caused by stress can interfere with information being passed to the organs as well as the muscles and joints. She couldn’t believe the relief she gained.

That is over twelve years ago now and this year my son got his first chiropractic adjustment at the age of 3 weeks. Although if you count the adjustments I received while I was pregnant with him he was getting adjusted before he was born. After he was born he always had difficulty getting his wind up now he gets it up with ease. He is thriving and I know that part of that is due to his twice monthly chiropractic adjustments.

People sometimes ask me ‘why I continue with chiropractic care'; the question should really be why ‘would I not continue with chiropractic care’. It helps me live my life the way I want to, without pain killers or other medications.

M. S.

Migraine’s / Digestion / Sinuses

For as long as I can remember, I have suffered from chronic sinus infections, migraine headaches and digestive problems. I found myself relying on paracetemol on a daily basis to help alleviate the pain. After a while, these drugs no longer helped me to feel better. I was also prescribed antibiotics on a regular basis for the sinus infections. I couldn’t seem to get better. I was suffering greatly every day and nothing seemed to help.

My luck seemed to change when my friend Sinead referred me to Health Within Chiropractic. At first, I was hesitant to meet go because I had heard other people’s opinions about chiropractic and I felt somewhat nervous. I was willing to try anything at this point because I didn’t want to suffer any longer. So, I ignored the opinions of others and decided to find out what chiropractic was all about for myself. Looking back, the only mistake I made was not going sooner.

The doctor explained to me clearly how chiropractic adjustments could help my body to heal itself from these symptoms I was suffering from. He understood all of my concerns and hesitations and answered all of my questions so that I felt confident getting chiropractic care. The doctor gave me hope that he could correct my problem and that I wouldn’t have to suffer any more.

Because of chiropractic, my health has improved tremendously. After only three months of care, I no longer get headaches, my sinuses are free of infection and I have not taken a pill since I began care.

My life has changed greatly and I give thanks to Sinead, my chiropractor, and chiropractic. I recommend chiropractic care to all that want to be healthy and feel great everyday!

M. B.

Lethargic / Depressed

At the beginning of 2006, I was feeling so lethargic and depressed I just wanted to give up on life. No energy, not sleeping at night, irritable, short tempered, all aches and pains and had no concentration at all.

It was at this time that I spoke to a friend who recommended Health Within Chiropractic. So I made an appointment and had my first consultation and assessment on the 22nd of June and low and behold the findings were mind boggling.

I started my course of intense care, three times per week for a month, during that time I was able to release so much tension, not only physical tension but emotionally also. The stress released from my body, stress that I knew had been building up for many years. In fact after one adjustment session I cried non stop for 7 hours, the strange thing was I did not know what I was crying about, all I knew was that this emotional release made me feel so much better.

After the end of my first month of care I felt so much better and improved within myself, I was sleeping again and my energy levels were increasing also. At this stage it was discussed with me that in order to gain full benefit of care, continuing this intensive course of care was advised. So, I undertook another month of intense care.

After this I felt 20 years younger I wanted to be active again and more importantly I was able to do things I wanted to. Over recent years I lost interest in many things I had once enjoyed because I had no energy to undertake them.

I am now having an adjustment once every 2 weeks, and now thanks to the care I received at Health Within Chiropractic I have got my life back in full and instead of being at the bottom of the mountain I am firmly placed on the top, Which is where I intend to stay.

P Mc A

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