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New Patients

Health Within Chiropractic offers you a fun atmosphere with
friendly team members who are ready to welcome you. Our patients love visiting our family-orientated office. Kids are more than welcome. It is an energetic, positive place to be!

1st Visit:

You can expect to be in the clinic for 45 minutes. You will probably have submitted your consultation form online prior to your arrival at the clinic.

Upon arrival, you can expect to be greeted by a member of our team. If you have not completed an online form our team will set you up with an intake form. These give us details regarding your health.

You will meet our chiropractor, Dr. Muireadhach and be brought to one of our treatment rooms. He will spend 40 minutes talking to you whilst carrying out some orthopaedic and neurological tests. These tests examine the body’s muscle and nervous system to determine the root of your problem. Your diagnosis will be provided and explained and it will then be time for your treatment.

Afterward, you’ll return to the welcome area and schedule your following appointments. Generally, we look to see our patients once or twice a week for their first 4 weeks of treatments.


2nd Visit:

You can expect to be in the clinic 25 minutes. Dr. Muireadhach will enquire how your body reacted after your first treatment. Your treatment plan will be given to you and you will receive your second chiropractic treatment at this visit. We can set up appointments for your treatment plan at this appointment for treatments going forward.

Regular Visits:

For all future appointments you can plan on being here 10 – 15 minutes. Similar to your 2nd visit, you’ll arrive and be checked in. You’ll discuss how your body is reacting to treatment and then will receive your adjustment. At any appointment, you may discuss any questions, queries or concerns with any member of our team. We are all here to help you achieve the best possible result from your visits.

New Patient Center | 041 98 30 599